FLAC Certificates New Leadership in Kitchener, Ontario

The Federation of Liberian Associations in Canada celebrated the successful transition of leadership with the Association of Liberian Immigrants in Kitchener Environs (ALIKE) on Saturday April 6, 2019. Highlights of the colourful inauguration ceremony included a keynote address delivered by Hon. Matthew Green from Hamilton and official certification of the new leadership under the presidency of Ralph Dagoseh who will automatically take his place as Regional Vice President at the Federation representing Kitchener.

Hon. Green reminded the gathering that as a community, we must learn to socialize, organize and mobilize because that is the only way we can take on the challenges before us successfully. He also stressed the need for everyone to unite behind the idea of the Federation of Liberian Associations in Canada. He demonstrated this by using the outfits of four people in the audience and reminded us all that individual we are beautiful pieces of the cloth, but when we put it together we create a gown that encompasses the beauty of the individual cloths.

Outgoing president Lansana Kromah expressed his thanks and gratitude to leaders of various communities who supported him throughout his term as president. He also thanked the community in Kitchener for working with him over the years and hopes they will give the same support to the new leadership.

Ralph Dagoseh addressed the audience for the first time as president and thanked the outgoing president for his leadership. He highlighted key priorities that will be the focus of his administration namely; opportunities for the youth in our community, celebration and teaching of our cultural values to the youth of our community among others.

In conclusion, the president of the Federation of Liberian Associations in Canada in person of Francis J. Hinnah expressed his delight in the level of maturity the Liberian community in Kitchener has exhibited over the years through successive democratic elections and transition of leadership. He welcomed them to the Federation emphasizing that it is the only way our community can get stronger. He summed up his remarks with the induction of the newly elected officials followed by the official certification of ALIKE which was done by his wife Alice J. Hinnah.