Liberians in Canada


Bilateral relations between Canada and Liberia are good, but limited. The two countries maintain a dialogue through multilateral forums and diplomatic relations with were established in 1971. However, the recorded history of Liberians in Canada on a larger scale started in the 1990’s during the Liberian Civil war when the country opened it’s doors to receive Liberians fleeing the civil war.

Community Census


The Community Census Project is the first step in transforming Liberian communities across Canada into constituencies that build power in cities and Provinces. We are reaching out to Liberian communities across the country because we want to know what you care about and we want to hear your dreams. Starting in April 2019, we'll be engaging leaders and members of the community across the country to reach those who are the hardest to reach. In the mean time, take the first step with us and take the Community Census.

Projects You Can Support


As a community, Liberia remains a major priority when it comes undertaking and supporting meaningful projects that aligns with our development objectives. We are always open to working with partners interested in developing sustainable projects geared towards empowering Liberians in Canada and Liberia. Here are projects the Federation is currently involved with or directing undertaking.